Visual aids of Igor Smetaniuk displaying various Home Inspection attributes during business practice.

This website page is a personal profile containing useful information about my business perspective, background and dedications.

My Pledge:
I will strive hard to deliver an excellent service and achieve a high degree of credibility and trust.

Hudson Valley Home Inspector Igor Smetaniuk - Certified Inspector, Licensed New York (NY) Home Inspector & Pennsylvania (PA) Compliant Home Inspector

Igor Smetaniuk - Certified Inspector, Licensed New York (NY) Home Inspector voluntarily attending a seminar to advance areas of knowledge

About Top To Bottom Home Inspections...


To provide the highest degree of Home or Building Inspection service, in given circumstances, as if I were purchasing your particular property myself.


My construction skills emanated from childhood, having the opportunity to learn from my grandfather who was in construction his whole life and had attained the highly regarded title of 'Master Carpenter'. To this day, I remember spending many days with him at his job sites, hitting nails into scrap pieces of wood or helping to carry materials. At the age of 14, I replaced the roof covering on the home I lived in. It was a more complicated Cape Cod style roof. However, it was a challenge that I needed to pursue. Through my hard work and diligence, that roof remained leak-free for the next 17 years! Upon replacing it at age 31, I approved the prior workmanship.

Throughout my college years, I continued to expand upon my skills by tackling small plumbing and light electrical projects. Soon after, I officially went into business strictly on word-of-mouth advertising. In order to broaden my skills, I would subcontract my physical labor to work with Associates in trades such as Heating, Excavation, and Septic systems. To this day, I take tremendous pride in what I do and strive for excellence when performing a job.

Next, came Home Inspections. Interestingly enough, I performed this type of work on occasional call. Many years ago, it was rare to hear of an actual titled 'Home Inspector'. Typically, Home Buyers used Contractors to perform a precursory review of a property for concerns prior to purchase. However, these inspections were very primitive in their depth of focus and many times didn't even require a formal written report.

Over time, the popularity of Home Inspections increased. As a result, I decided to end all outstanding jobs and devote myself full-time to this challenging occupation. “Top To Bottom” Inspections was formed in 1996. I felt that my background of 20+ years in the many areas of construction more than qualified me. Throughout the course of my construction life, this "hands-on" experience in what makes a building "tick" gives me an unequalled advantage over individuals who have only attended a two week school for a Home Inspection.


Most Home Inspector's Fees for Service are justified by their experience and credentials. It is in your best interest to hire a qualified professional who can provide a thorough and detailed inspection.

I have supplemented my experience with knowledge in the following areas:

  • Certified Home Inspection Training with an Acclaimed Inspection Institution

  • Independent Home Inspectors of North America (IHINA) - Regular Member

  • HUD - FHA/VA Compliance Inspector - ID# V918

  • National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) - Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI) - Passed proctored exam

  • New York State Code Enforcement Official - Registration # 1299-7537B (Retired)

  • Tri-County Chapter of Building Officials (NYSBOC) - Hudson Valley New York (NY) Chapter Member

  • Rockland County Chapter of Building Officials (NYSBOC) - Rockland County New York (NY) Chapter Member

  • New York State Pesticide Technician - DEC Certification # T3832150

  • New York Onsite Training Network - Septic System Proficiency Specialist -
    Registration # 051OTN10303

  • Pennsylvania Sewage Enforcement Officer - PADEP Certification # 03283 (Retired)

  • Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA) - Past-Vice President

  • Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA) - Passed Proctored Training Courses

  • National Environmental Health Agency (NEHA) - Certified Radon Training


I live by the phrase 'Excellence through Education'! The photo (above - left side) shows me attending an Electrical seminar. The different systems in your home are unique by design and function. Methods, materials, features, and technology are changing faster as years go by. It's important to keep pace with this change by pursuing courses that will bring you up to speed with evolving aspects of a home.

Continuing Education is required by National Home Inspector Associations and by my NY State Licensing program. Generally an Association will require about 10 to 20 hours of education per year. I usually attend 24-30 hours of voluntary seminars per year to better qualify me and keep up with current changes in building science or codes.

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